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อ่านนิยาย.com (read: arn-ni-yay-dot-com) is Thai novel by website just submit and logIn.

On right yellow menu >> ลงทะเบียนอ่านฟรี it mean SUBMIT

and menu >>>  เข้าสู่ระบบ it mean LogIn


My’s name Namnoipadtin   30 year old , born on 23 July 2528.

You Can Contact Me

facebook : น้ำน้อยพลัดถิ่น อ่านนิยาย (  Reed : ‘Nam-noi-pad-tin Arn-ni-yay’ )

E-MAIL : admin@xn--q3ca1aa5c4ado0p.com


– Nickname  Beem  my age 31 year old , born on  May 20, 2529.
– Nickname  Pee my age 31 year old too , born on  February 30, 2529.

Our hobby is drawing comics and like cosplay.

Our habits identical , but Beem’ s face no feeling so never people to near she. In fact. She ‘s absurd and crazy. ( never advantages    :-P  )

Beem like drawing dark and art  stye , she set design and fight Scene.

Pee like drawing sweet  stye .