Chapter 1. Miss prewa

Chapter 1. 💋

Miss Prewa

Dim light from the fire. The stone was higher than the land,The man who was at the destination, he had a big body, and he had dark skin, he also had short dark hair, his hair was curly too, and he had big red eyes. he is god of death, who is responsible for bring souls is into the ravine.

A soul has someone to follow in side. They are angel and devil ID, they are subconscious spirits.

Angel earth and Devil earth, They are fighting all the time, If either wins, they will be stronger. Conversely, If either lose, they are weaker .

It’s been too long.There are a lot of badmen. The devil must give credit to Aukkee for destroying Nava angle.

Aukkee, he had red skin, and he had red eyes, he had dark wings, and he had a red tail.

Aukkee is happy all the time because the man obeys him only, and he was the hero of the devil. But now he is not in perfect control. In the next six months, he will have been completed when the man was twenty year old.

Base is in the custody of Aukkee. He does look like him, but different in that the color of his eyes, he had dark eyes, and he doesn’t have a tail and wings.

The parents hope to look for their boy, but they don’t teach him very well. Base has lived in the boarding school sine he was a young age.

Some time ago. The parents had give a lot of money to the bad police when their son made trouble.

Base is handsome and also charming. Many women want to be his girlfriend.

@ Highlights pub

Many colors from the light run around  fast.Many people are dancing on  the floor. There are many devils in here

The man had white skin, and he had short dark hair, his hair was straight too, and he had a good face. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans to make him look good. He raised his eyebrows and the women were giggling.

A woman  wearing a red strapless had long black and shining red hair. She was attractive and it made him walk to her. Base held her hand before smelling her perfume.

“It smells of grapes on your hand.”

“Do you want to smell my hand?” She looked at his eyes and put her arm on his shoulder.

“I would like to, but I want to taste it on your lips more than smell your hand.”


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